5 Easy Ways to make coffee @ home

Barista rosetta on coffee

There are so many ways to make coffee, from the humble kettle to our fancy espresso machines, pour-over coffee makers that make you feel you are in a science lab. But with so many different types of brew gear available on the market, it can all seem a bit intimidating especially if you’ve used our beloved kettle to perfect your instant coffee.

If you want to make a better cup of coffee in the comfort of your home, we’ve made it easier for you!  Here are some of our favourite ways ways for that perfect cup of coffee no matter what your skill levels are or your brewing method.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll explore the Aeropress and V60 to frothing milk without a coffee machine, you’ll be brewing coffee at home like a pro in no time. 

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-How to use a Stovetop Coffee Maker (14th December)
-How to use an Aeropress (release date 21st December)
-How to use a V60 Pour Over Filter (release date 28th December)
-How to froth milk in a French Press (release date 4th January)
-How to use an Espresso Machine  (release date 11th January)

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