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How to Aeropress

By :Nathan Bebawi 0 comments
How to Aeropress

Hand pressing down aeropress forcing coffee into a mug

Do you like your coffee strong, delicious & quick?  Then this may be the go to coffee maker for any coffee connoisseurs.  Perfect for the traveler or camper as it’s easy to store, carry & clean.  Not to mention easy to use.

What you need:

    • An Aeropress
    • A mug
    • Paper or metal filter
    • A scale
    • A timer/watch
    • 20g of ground coffee (per coffee)
    • 200g of hot water at around 90ºC

The process:

This will make you enough coffee for one large mug or two small cups of coffee. If you want a stronger cup of coffee, just increase the amount of ground coffee.

Step 1
Put your Aeropress on the scale with the filter end up. Insert a filter into the plastic cap and keep aside.

Step 2
Add 20g of ground coffee into the Aeropress.

Step 3
Start your timer. Pour in 200g of hot water into the chamber. The water should be at about 88ºC–90ºC.

Step 4
Let it sit for one minute.

Step 5
Remove the Aeropress from the scales. Place the cap with the filter inside on top of the Aeropress, locking it into place. Now comes the tricky bit.

Step 6
Place your mug on top and flip the whole thing over. Now you’re ready to press.

Step 7
Gently press down at a slow and steady pace until there is no more water to push through the device. You will hear a little hissing sound when the water has all been pressed out.

Step 8
Lift the Aeropress out and you’re ready to drink your coffee.

Suggested blend for Aeropress: Seasonal Single Origin / Italian Disco


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