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How to use a Stovetop Coffee Maker

By :Nathan Bebawi 0 comments
How to use a Stovetop Coffee Maker

Mocha Pot coffee maker

If you like espresso, this is the coffee maker for you. These stovetop coffee makers common and very easy to use.  They make an authentic Italian espresso in minutes. You can use them with both gas and electric stovetops.  Tip: You can also use these while camping on your campfire 🔥 😉

What you need:

    • A stovetop espresso maker (preferably a 2-cup)
    • Ground coffee, enough to fill the basket (ask your barista for pre-ground coffee)
    • Hot or cold water (preferably hot)
    • Stovetop/fire

The process:

This recipe will make two espressos, or one large cup.

Step 1
Unscrew the top of the pot and the coffee basket as well. Pour in the hot water into the base. Fill it to just below the valve. (If you cover the valve, it won’t work properly).

Step 2
Put the filter basket on top and spoon the ground coffee straight in.

Step 3
Gently level it off with your finger (or the back of a spoon) and give it a tap on the bench.

Step 4
Screw the top back on and now you’re ready to brew.

Step 5
Sit the pot straight on the stove at a medium heat and let it boil. Once the water boils, it will push up through the coffee and flow into the top. As soon as you see a few drops of coffee forming at the top, take it off the heat. There will be enough residual heat for it to continue brewing. Pour it directly into your cup and enjoy!

note: If you prefer a little sugar with your coffee, add a teaspoon of sugar in your cup before your pour.  Stir gently.

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Suggested blend: Italian Disco

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