How to use a V60 Pour Over Filter

V60 pour over

Hand pour over filter brewers such as the V60 have become more common today than they were years ago.  You are more likely to find them in cafe's that specialise in speciality coffee. If you love the process of the art of brewing coffee, then this is your go to. This process produces delicate and smooth coffee at home.

What you need:

    • A V60 cone dripper
    • A brew vessel or just your favourite coffee mug
    • Paper filters
    • 20g of coffee
    • A scale
    • 300g of hot water at around 90ºC- 93ºC

The process:

Step 1
Place your brew vessel or mug on the scale and place the cone on top of your mug. Place a paper filter into the cone.

Step 2
Add 20g of coffee into the paper filter. Be sure to tare your scale (i.e re-zero)

Pro Tip: pre-wet the filter first with hot water to eliminate any paper taste.

Step 3
Add the hot water in three stages. 100g at a time.  Let the water drain through before adding another 100g of water. Be sure to let the water drain through each time.  Pour the water in a spiral motion from the centre outwards.

Step 4
Once all 300g of water has drained, remove the cone and filter and pour your coffee out into a cup. Your v60 coffee is ready!

We recommend using one of our single origin for your V60 experience.  

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