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How to use an Espresso Machine

By :Nathan Bebawi 0 comments
How to use an Espresso Machine

If you’re a lover of freshly ground cafe style coffee, it’s worthwhile investing in an espresso machine for your home. We’re using the Sunbeam Barista Max, which comes complete with a built-in grinder and tamper.

What you need:

    • A Sunbeam Barista Max espresso machine
    • Whole coffee beans
    • A tamper
    • A jug for steaming milk
    • Milk
    • Filtered Water

The process:

Step 1
Before you start, ensure the hopper is filled with enough beans, and check that the water reservoir is adequately filled. Turn on the machine and let it pre-heat for about 10 minutes. Make sure it is in espresso mode – not steam mode.

Step 2
Make sure the filter basket is sitting inside the group handle. The basket needs to be clean and dry. Place the group handle into the grinding cradle and press down to start grinding. Once the group handle is full to the top you’re ready to tamp.

Tip: You can adjust the coffee grinds to coarse or fine by twisting the top of the grinder

Step 3
Level off the coffee and press the tamper into the coffee firmly.

Step 4
Insert the group handle into the grouphead until tight and select either a single or double shot extraction. Enjoy your espresso it as it is or steam with milk to make café style drinks.

Step 5
To steam the milk, put the machine into “steam mode” using the dial and give it 20-30 seconds to power up. While you wait fill your jug with cold milk. When the light is fully illuminated it is ready to go. Briefly turn the knob to the off and position the steam wand inside the jug, just below the surface of the milk (about 1/2cm. Turn the dial back to steam. You should hear a smooth, hissing noise and see a whirlpool action in the jug. The milk is ready when the jug becomes too hot to touch. Tap the jug to release any air bubbles. Pour and enjoy!

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