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Italian Disco Capsules Subscription

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An even easier subscription with free shipping straight to your door or office. All you need to do is select how much you want, what blend you like and how often we should ship to you—and we’ll take care of the rest. 

With this Italian Disco it reinvents what a dark roast can be. You get all moody Moogs and syrupy synths, deeply layered flavour with a sweet dark cup, tasting like chocolate and spice.  Bridging the gap between the traditional and new-school coffee drinkers.

As there is a story behind every blend, this one is our favourite.  It's Italian-inspired dark roast, this coffee is truly reminiscent of ST. ALi founder and CEO, Salvatore Malatesta's own Italian heritage, and his memories of coffee growing up. This coffee forms a strong espresso flavour while staying prominent in any kind of milk drink.

Capsules are biodegradable, and compostable. Lower oxygen transmission rates and guilt-free packaging. Now in Nespresso classic compatible capsules.

Chocolate | Spice

REGION: Minas Gerais
PROCESSING: Natural | Pulped