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Rhino Dosing Funnel


Grinding and tamping can be messy tasks, but the Rhino Coffee Gear Dosing Ring and the professional rosewood dosing funnel provide practical solutions. The Rhino Coffee Gear Dosing Ring, made of durable stainless steel, fits portafilters ranging between 57mm – 58.4mm and is designed to increase workflow, keep your workspace clean, and ensure that all of your ground coffee gets into your portafilter. With a convenient "snap-on" connection, it uses magnet technology to stay securely in place, preventing coffee grinds from spilling over the edges. Complementing this, the professional dosing funnel made of elegant rosewood helps save coffee grounds by directing them precisely into the portafilter. Both funnels are easy and convenient to install and use, ensuring a precise and tidy process, saving coffee grounds, and minimising waste. These tools make your coffee preparation more efficient and cleaner. Less mess, less waste.

  • Suits 58mm - 58.4mm portafilters
  • Magnets keep funnel secure