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ITALO DISCO | Italian Espresso Blend




Italo Disco infuses your morning brew with the essence of Italy. Merging tradition with innovation, it pays homage to the heritage of Italian espresso while featuring speciality roasting techniques. This blend is dark yet smooth, offering a rich and full-bodied flavour experience.

Rich Dark Chocolate: Expect a deep, intense chocolate flavour that is both smooth and slightly bitter, similar to high-quality dark chocolate. This note provides a luxurious and indulgent taste to the coffee.

Spice: Subtle hints of spice add a layer of complexity and warmth. This could include nuances of cinnamon, nutmeg, or clove, contributing to a rich, aromatic finish that complements the dark chocolate notes.

COUNTRY: Brazil | India

PROCESSING: Washed | Natural

Dose : 18-20g
Yield : 36-40g
Time : 25-28s