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ORTHODOX | House Espresso Blend




Expertly blended from Colombian and Brazilian beans, the ST. ALi Orthodox Coffee Blend is a versatile option combining the rich, diverse flavors of Colombian coffee with the reliable, year-round quality of Brazilian beans. This blend is a favorite among Orthodox coffee lovers. Whether you enjoy milk-based coffees or a perfectly balanced espresso, the ST. ALi Orthodox Coffee Blend is tailored to meet your needs.

Flavour Profile:

Creamy Milk Chocolate: Indulge in smooth, velvety chocolate notes that provide a delightful foundation.

Fudge: Enjoy the sweet, decadent undertones that add depth and richness.

Apple Jam: Relish the subtle, fruity hints that bring a unique and balanced twist to the blend.

Country: 60% Colombia | 30% Brazil  
Region: Tolima Department | Poços de Caldas, South Minas  
Cultivar: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo | Red Bourbon  
Processing: Washed | Natural

Espresso recipe:

Dose: 20-22g  
Yield: 46-52g  
Time: 26-32s